Frederick, Maryland

I LOVE┬ámy town! Hophead and I moved to Frederick in late 2012 and we LOVE┬áliving Downtown. Visit Frederick:   #FrederickLife


816! Whenever the time hits 8:16 be it AM or PM I often will yell it out. It’s become a joke in our family and Hophead and/or Ginja will do it now too. I’ve got them trained well. 816 is today’s date it is also the anniversary of Elvis’s death in 1977. Madonna was born […]

What Do They See?

I don’t get many new friends on Facebook these days but when I do I usually check out their page but I also check out mine. People I’m friends with on FB are in a trusted zone, so to speak. So when I let someone in I wonder what my world looks like in their […]

Don’t go!

I think many of us tend to move between Netflix and Hulu. Netflix is more movies but not real recent. Hulu is more shows but the ones I want to see are usually web only, which means you can’t play it through your TV or even apple TV. Right now I am switching and leaving […]

End of an Era

I’m not really sure what to say. It shouldn’t be a shock… but still it is. I’m more sad than I thought I would be and I have cried a lot over the last few days. Aunt Dot has passed. I have this family that consists of Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister but there was […]

The Dot

So we are in Scranton aka Hell. I had good feelings this visit would go well even though I found out yesterday they moved The Dot from the 4th floor to the first floor. She had been on the 4th floor for around 6 years. I don’t think a woman who is about to turn […]

What is happening to me?

In the past year we have gone through two of life’s most stressing experiences. 1. We got hitched! 2. We bought a house and moved Stress… Yes! Happiness… Yes!!! Pinterest is taking me to a new level. I used to be crafty and I want it back. The ENTIRE family… Both sides is coming here […]

Times are a Changing

Wow! What a different world I’m in now. Two years ago I almost canceled on a date, Hophead. I had a rough time traveling back from a job out of town on a Thursday, my basement flooded Friday and I had a date for that Saturday night. I met him online and I knew nothing […]

Dying to be Domesticated-ISH

Mom / Sis / SIL / Ginja, I am dying to do something that isn’t Work or Crew related. Unfortunately, I will need to start small but this new thing Pinterest has opened up a new world. I have found some cool sites and stuff to make. For starters maybe Mom can make this for […]

My Shovel

This is my shovel. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My shovel is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I master my life. My shovel, without me, is useless. Without my shovel, I am snowbound. I must use my shovel true. I must shovel straighter […]