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The Dot

So we are in Scranton aka Hell.

I had good feelings this visit would go well even though I found out yesterday they moved The Dot from the 4th floor to the first floor.

She had been on the 4th floor for around 6 years. I don’t think a woman who is about to turn 100, and already cratchedy/mean/acts like she been on the Dot for a hundred years, would take the change well.

I was disappointed when it started out bad. We sat in the wrong place at Mass then she really got nasty at supper (lunch, dinner or whatever you call that meal in Hell, PA). The woman trying to get her food for her had me cracking up. Oh she knows The Dot so well.

I was terrified to say much of anything to her. So we sat there in a whole lotta silence. We were not allowed to step away to ask for anything let alone get our food. Finally she said Hophead and Ginja could go get their food. I waited until they got back then I was allowed to go.

Everyone that worked there knew she was cratchedy and even more so because of the move. While I was gone to get my food she snapped at Hophead and Ginja to


We continued in silence. I was afraid to mention the move plus she didn’t like where they seated us. She wouldn’t even let Ginja go get creamer for our coffee and creamer is what The Dot requires for her coffee.

Uggggh!!! Double Fucking Ugggh!

She asked us (me, because she seems to only talk to me) how long our drive was about 20 times. I repeated the same answer each time. Usually, I like to change it up just to see the results. I’m not trying to be mean but I consider it a sociological experiment of the elderly.

The times she did yell at us was when she felt stupid and I get that. So we would sit back and wait for her to tell us what she wanted and how.

We finally got her back to her room and shared what we brought her. Her mood seemed to get better. They even brought Anne Marie (her nurse) down from the 4th floor to try an help her adjust. The Dot loves her some Anne Marie and so do we. Anne Marie gets The Dot and handles her well. We are Grateful!

I showed her what we brought her and decorated her room with blue butterflies everywhere. She seemed happy. We then took a trip to the store down the hall. Ginja was driving her wheelchair and The Dot kept telling her to go faster,

Lets get out this place!

During the shopping Hophead and Ginja sat outside. The Dot was determined to buy us something… For a dollar. I was able to satiate her and keep her from wigging out on me.

Back at The Dot room it was boring and no tv but she was happy and even worked with me to have conversation. The Dot even smiled.

The killer of today was Hophead. Every time one if the nuns would go by using a walker. He would whisper:

There’s a Walker!!!

Walkers are what The Walking Dead characters refer to as zombies. Oddly enough many if these old chicks sound like zombies too.

In the end we got outta there around 5 and without having to eat there again. Soon we are off to Kildare’s Irish Pub. Good Lawd I need a Guinness!!!

We escaped hell much better than last year. Maybe prayers do work.

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