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Miko & The Printer: A Love Story


Our cat LOVES the printer! I’m not sure if other cats are like this but Miko hears the printer and she comes running. We have even used the printer to pull her out of hiding places in the past.

The printer was in a place she couldn’t get to for at least a year. Now that I have taken over Ginja’s room, since she moved to Massachusetts, to make it my office and the printer is back.


Whenever I print she is up on top of the printer. When it’s not printing she will climb on top and push buttons to try and make it talk to her. Ever since she hit the copy button and printed she pushes the buttons even more. She will even try to stick her paws up where the paper comes out.

One day she had the printer making more noise than usual. I have no idea what she did but it’s now broken. We tried to fix it but nothing worked even after many you tube videos. The printer had a good run and we’ve had if for 3- 4 years so a new one is on the way. I just need to protect it better from the cat.


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