Mini Red

The Terrible 20s

They call it the terrible 2’s but I think they forgot the zero. Everyone has heard of the Terrible 2s. I always said Ginja’s Terrible 2’s never stopped, but she is 20 now [almost 21] and this might be tougher. When they are 2 years old they are physically everywhere and you have to always […]

My Baby is 20!

Mini Red, a/k/a Ginja, is 20 today! Can you believe that? Kiddo, I love you to the moon and back. -Mama Red

The Ginja Graduates!

So the Ginja Graduated. I’m so proud of her I can’t believe how time flies. I found a graduation card I couldn’t pass up. Really??? Graduation… A time of Happy Endings But wait… There’s more. So we wrote in the card: Protective wrap has been left on for those Happy Endings! I know! I know! Not […]

Dork Chat

Ever since smart phones came out with the second camera on the screen, I’m sure we have all caught those people taking pictures of themselves. Now with Snap Chat it’s more prevalent than ever. Ginja has a snap chat and is on it constantly. Even after getting her wisdom teeth out she wanted to show […]

Get off your Toucas!

“I wish I could be a fly on the wall…” We all have that curiosity… to see into another person life. Is my day to day so very different from theirs? I think this stems from wondering “Am I normal?” Ummmm NO! There is the curiosity into the life of a person of a different […]

Mini Red turns Sweet Sixteen

I can’t believe my sweet little baby is sixteen today. She has turned out to be an awesome teenager and only giving me mild heart attacks. Note the hat… It belongs to her boyfriend. Yes I said BOYFRIEND! Oh and she likes to be called Ginja now… You know… Like ninja.

Thank goodness Juno is BACK!

Mini Red is one of the happiest kids in the world right now.  Her best friend, Juno, moved back from Florida a week early and surprised her today. Mini Red cried for four weeks when Juno left. I didn’t know how to help her but all is right in the world now and they are […]

RP: The Kiddo’s Shot

Today I took The Kiddo in for a physical and to make sure her shots were all up-to-date. They said she need a booster tetanus shot. Oh Jeeze did this freak her out! So I pinched her arm and said, “It would feel like that!” She didn’t like that especially since the pinch left more […]

A Day Off…

I took the day off… Or so I thought.   Opthalmologist office – Picked up new sunglasses… Dropped off glasses for new prescription lenses. The parking lot was nuts! Lawyer’s office – To drop off papers Seek out auto store. I searched by name (Pep Boys, Trak Auto) and Viper suggests NAPA. NAPA store looked shady […]


I recently bought one of those Bounce Dryer Bar thingies you stick on the inside of your dryer.  Seems it’s not working so well… At least not with static cling. Mini Red is now in High School and back in the Fall she joined the crew team. Crew really agrees with her and she is […]