All about Red

MeI’m a single Mom, of a teenager, which is a full time job.  On top of that I work full time.  In my travels I come across some funny situations that not everyone might notice.  This is my outlet to try and make people laugh by sharing what I find funny.

I started this blog after a stint on an online dating site.  My friends begged me to just write it out so they could read about it.  I gave up on the online dating after realizing those dates were scary and the only thing I got out of them were stories to write.  I still haven’t written about all of them so there are more of those still to come.

My schedule is busy and my time to sit down to write isn’t as abundant as it used to be but stay tuned because I’m not dead yet and there is so much to still to share.

Oh and if you haven’t read any of the older stuff it can be checked out here.

4 comments on “All about Red

  1. I’d like to change your name to Red Fugowski

    Don’t you think we should meet before you make such a proposal? – Red

  2. Sorry ;but, this pic don’t even come close to doing justice to the woman I met… YOu need to fix that!!! at least send me another one,,, Please ;)~

  3. If I am not mistaken, you are a Tom Robbins lady. Yes?

    Nope. I had to look him up. -Red

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