2013 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

2013 was a HORRIBLE year for us and we are happy to see it go. We may not be the only ones that feel this way. Check out Momma Said | The Holiday Card No One Ever Sends. This gave me an idea… So I sat down and listed,  by month, things that went on […]

The Newest Fashion in Men’s Wallets

This must be the cheapest most interesting wallet I have ever seen. Even better than just a paper clip. In this view you can see the money on the right where it is normally just sitting on top of the cards on the left. This is what it looks like when it’s closed: Yes! It’s […]


Really? Fuschia? Am I spelling that right? Ok I’ll call it purple. How do birds shit purple?

Relationships are best measured by farting

Stages of a Relationship can best be defined by farting. From the movie “Love and Other Disasters“. Hilarious!!!

This is the best porno ever!

I happened across this new show on the Sundance Channel called Green Porno by Isabella Rosselini.  It is so different from anything I have ever seen… Odd but fascinating. Before you watch an episode of Green Porno check out this interview, which explains it best: Now I suggest you go to the Sundance channel and watch […]


I got a text message the other day and in it this guy called me “Babe“. It struck a bit of a chord in me because I like it. I got to thinking about this, so-called, term of endearment and started to search my brain as to why I liked it. Last year I started dating […]

I got a special blessing today…

From this man: The blessing is to keep the strange men away from me. He circled my face three times and each time he reached the top he poked me in the forehead.  Gawd I hope this works!

The cause of stick people extinction uncovered

Do you know how stick people became extinct? The Cause. **Special thanks to David for this breaking news.

For some reason I keep coming across people who are mean.  I’m getting kinda tired of it.

Back in the Day… That was a Wednesday by the way*

Back in the day when a couple got married their wedding photo wouldn’t be taken til days or even weeks after the wedding.  This is because they had to wait until the Photographer traveled through town.  The reason the Groom sat and the Bride stood was because he couldn’t stand and she couldn’t sit. This was a […]