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What Do They See?

I don’t get many new friends on Facebook these days but when I do I usually check out their page but I also check out mine.

People I’m friends with on FB are in a trusted zone, so to speak. So when I let someone in I wonder what my world looks like in their eyes. So I peruse my own page especially my photos. I have so many photos and most of them are weird or would be weird to people who may not understand them.

For Example:


This is what Hophead calls Dork Chat. He says Ginja always looks like such a dork when she does Snap Chat.

There’s a good amount of tongue in my pics but in my world we do this as a sign of affection and I teach this to my Nieces and Nephews.

"This means Auntie loves you!"

“This means Auntie loves you!”

Then there are pics of Ginja and I, and sometimes others. For so long it was just the two of us.


Of course there are pics of me an my love, Hophead. We often have beers in our hands and/or goofing around.


I bet some of the pictures look really weird to some and they must wonder why we are doing some of the things we are doing. When I scan through the pictures I feel loved. I hope what new friends see is we have wonderful family and friends and so many good times.

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