Don’t Let that Bug See You Naked

As I climbed out of the shower and started drying off I saw it!  A STINK BUG crawling along the toilet!  It freaked the living daylights outta me. I wrapped the towel around me and calmly got some toilet paper, grabbed it and threw it in the toilet and flushed. Phew that was over with. […]

Reds Rock the Derby

 Yesterday Mini Red and I decided to do something a bit different… We went to the Roller Derby to see the DC Roller Girls. We had a blast! We got there fairly early and it’s a good thing if you want a good seat in the bleachers.  Otherwise you can sit on the floor on […]

…a little F-16 in my pants

Well… Not my pants… Her pants.  Actually… Many womens pants… Oh just go read.  So this will make two in a row where I haven’t actually written anything but I find enlightening all of you just as important and if it makes you laugh… All the better. I got this email the other day and I didn’t […]

The Best Saturday Ever!

Slept in. Hair cut at noon then did some shopping for tonight’s Oyster Riot. Bought great new shoes for tonight. Bought fun, inexpensive, jewelry at H&M. Bought new bra / camisole at Victoria’s Secret. In essence… Spa, shoes, jewelry and lingerie for big fun party downtown. I feel like such a girlie girl.