Squirrely Gurl

This is My Friend

Have you ever met someone and you just clicked? There is this chick and at one time, long ago before he met me, she dated my husband. I knew of her and would hear about her now and then. Then we moved to Frederick and this is her town except she was living in Colorado. […]

Satisfied my Green Thirst

Ahhhh Shamrockfest… in the rain! I missed last year and last year it rained too. I braved it this year and took Squirrely Gurl with me. I had high hopes as the rain had stopped when I was getting on the Metro. By the time I got to the Stadium it was POURING! Plus I […]

Holiday + Work + Friends = CrazyDay

Yesterday was such a crazy day. I figured it would be but it can still be difficult to prepare for. We had potluck and the cube decorating contest at work.  I got third place for my decorations and was surprised to get that because I had elfed my director along with the rest of my […]

Party Party… Woot! Woot!

Tonight I gots me a party… My company Holiday Party and it will be off da hook. Got me a HOT new dress and my date is Squirrley Gurl. Oh and Happy 8th Anniversay of your 30th Birthday Kiernan.  She will be celebrating at Black Finn in Bethesda tonight so if you can stop by, […]

A great point from Squirrely Gurl

Squirrely Gurl has a dude… Rather a FWB.  He has been quiet lately and so I got this email from her.  Why? Because we are friends and sometimes you need to release what is going on inside your crazy brain.  This is what girlfriends do for each other.  We keep each other from sending that […]

The Squirrely Gurl Perspective

Earlier this week, as we were still dealing with stressful stuff at work, on my way home from work I was on the phone with Squirrely Gurl.  I was in one of those self loathing moods.  Now the thing you must know about Squirrely Gurl is she has her own way of putting things or […]