Satisfied my Green Thirst

Ahhhh Shamrockfest… in the rain! I missed last year and last year it rained too. I braved it this year and took Squirrely Gurl with me. I had high hopes as the rain had stopped when I was getting on the Metro. By the time I got to the Stadium it was POURING! Plus I […]


courtesy of Icewagon Flu

Póg mo thóin!

The lineup has been finalized! Tickets are selling fast and the prices are increasing. VIP tickets are only $79.99 right now and will be $120 soon.  That is cheap for all you can drink… ALL DAY! Plus cleaner, NICER bathrooms. Fer the love of St. Paddy… If yer gonna buy a ticket do it NOW!!!!!  […]


OMG! It’s that time again… SHAMROCKFEST!!!!   I’ll be quite frank when I say I wasn’t that interested in going this year but then I checked out the line up. Here’s just a taste: The Roots  Train  Scythian Carbon Leaf Seven Nations  Mr. Greengenes Donegal Express  Enter the Haggis Dr. FU OMG!!!! This line up […]

St. Patty’s T-Shirt

I found and bought my St. Patty’ s t-shirt today. In the process I found some really great St. Patty’s t-shirts from Cafe Press. Here are some of my favorites: Mine is the last one: “Rock Out with your Shamrock Out“.

How Green is your Plastic?

The topic of bottled water has come up quite often in discussion with friends.  I caught a news report on this some months ago and have made a concerted effort not to use bottled water.  I have been using my own bottles and tap water.  So much money has been put into cleaning our tap […]

Shamrockfest 2008 has come and gone… Do you remember it?

Every year I say I’m going to see more bands than the year before but alas I only saw a few but I did catch a really important one.  This band had me before but I have been thoroughly sucked in now.  Ok I’ll get to that in a minute. It seemed as if everyone […]

Alcohol was invented to keep the Irish from ruling the world

But then the Irish started singing in their drunken stupors.  This is how we got a plethora of traditional folk songs a/k/a drinking songs.  It didn’t stop there and they hopped up off their bar stools and started dancing around and calling it the jig. So many got injured while doing the jig that laws […]