Satisfied my Green Thirst

Ahhhh Shamrockfest… in the rain! I missed last year and last year it rained too. I braved it this year and took Squirrely Gurl with me. I had high hopes as the rain had stopped when I was getting on the Metro. By the time I got to the Stadium it was POURING! Plus I […]


courtesy of Icewagon Flu

Póg mo thóin!

The lineup has been finalized! Tickets are selling fast and the prices are increasing. VIP tickets are only $79.99 right now and will be $120 soon.  That is cheap for all you can drink… ALL DAY! Plus cleaner, NICER bathrooms. Fer the love of St. Paddy… If yer gonna buy a ticket do it NOW!!!!!  […]


OMG! It’s that time again… SHAMROCKFEST!!!!   I’ll be quite frank when I say I wasn’t that interested in going this year but then I checked out the line up. Here’s just a taste: The Roots  Train  Scythian Carbon Leaf Seven Nations  Mr. Greengenes Donegal Express  Enter the Haggis Dr. FU OMG!!!! This line up […]

St. Patty’s T-Shirt

I found and bought my St. Patty’ s t-shirt today. In the process I found some really great St. Patty’s t-shirts from Cafe Press. Here are some of my favorites: Mine is the last one: “Rock Out with your Shamrock Out“.

How Green is your Plastic?

The topic of bottled water has come up quite often in discussion with friends.  I caught a news report on this some months ago and have made a concerted effort not to use bottled water.  I have been using my own bottles and tap water.  So much money has been put into cleaning our tap […]

Shamrockfest 2008 has come and gone… Do you remember it?

Every year I say I’m going to see more bands than the year before but alas I only saw a few but I did catch a really important one.  This band had me before but I have been thoroughly sucked in now.  Ok I’ll get to that in a minute. It seemed as if everyone […]