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Whenever the time hits 8:16 be it AM or PM I often will yell it out.

It’s become a joke in our family and Hophead and/or Ginja will do it now too. I’ve got them trained well.

816 is today’s date it is also the anniversary of Elvis’s death in 1977. Madonna was born on this day, but even better is it is…


I admit I’m always weird about my birthday. Not really sure why. As a kid everyone was away on summer vacation, or we were away at the beach, so parties with my friends didn’t happen much. I guess I try to overcome my weirdness and remind my family of the date all year long. I’m surprised they don’t yell out their birthday times too, although Hophead did once. I’d like to get in the habit of doing this for all our birthdays and for the kids to annoy their friends yelling out their birthday times.

Not too long ago Experian came out with a commercial just for me (not really but I like to think that).

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