Don’t go!

I think many of us tend to move between Netflix and Hulu. Netflix is more movies but not real recent. Hulu is more shows but the ones I want to see are usually web only, which means you can’t play it through your TV or even apple TV. Right now I am switching and leaving […]

Wanna laugh?

Chelsea Handler’s opening monologue last night (11/11/2009) had me laughing so hard that if I were older I might have peed myself: I didn’t think anything could make me laugh harder. Until… I saw this scene in “The Ugly Truth”: This movie is a keeper if for nothing else… That scene.

Relationships are best measured by farting

Stages of a Relationship can best be defined by farting. From the movie “Love and Other Disasters“. Hilarious!!!

Summer events around here are a changing

I can’t believe Screen on the Green is cancelled.  Check it out here. At least there are others in the area but down on the Mall was always a treat. My fallback is always the Comcast Film Festival at Strathmore.  The lineup looks pretty good this year: Friday, August 14 – “The Curious Case of […]

No Concentration… AT ALL!! **Update**

All of us are finding it a bit difficult to concentrate today.  It is now 2:00 and no word yet on the RIFs. Tensions are high and that seems to flowing into all sorts of other areas. Then I noticed on Twitter that Dom DeLuise passed yesterday.  So sad! He was only 75 but was […]

Watchmen and the Odd Couple

Last night I took myself out to see the Watchmen movie.  Great movie and unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  I have to say Jackie Earle Haley was simply amazing! I was surprised this movie was rated R and Mini Red wanted to see it but after seeing it it had to be R. Besides some […]

The New Doris Day!!!

Tonight Mini Red and I were watching the movie I.Q. Meg Ryan is absolutely adorable in this flick and then it hits me… Meg Ryan is the new Doris Day.    See!