Don’t go!

I think many of us tend to move between Netflix and Hulu. Netflix is more movies but not real recent. Hulu is more shows but the ones I want to see are usually web only, which means you can’t play it through your TV or even apple TV. Right now I am switching and leaving […]

Get off your Toucas!

“I wish I could be a fly on the wall…” We all have that curiosity… to see into another person life. Is my day to day so very different from theirs? I think this stems from wondering “Am I normal?” Ummmm NO! There is the curiosity into the life of a person of a different […]

Super Bowl XLV

By half-time my favorite commercial is Roseanne getting it by a log: So digging the half time show: The entrance was awesome! Will.I.Am has a head thing that reminds me of Zorg in The Fifth Element. Fergie has an incredible voice! Here comes Usher and his pants are Hammer pants Usher-ized. …Oh that’s why!  Usher […]

Simply… Wow!

This year I have been watching “So You Think You Can Dance”. I don’t watch the elimination shows but love watching them dance. Last night (7/22/2009) started off a little slow but the couples stepped it up in their second performances. Through the season there are performances that bore me, amuse me, grab my attention […]

Gotta wear shades…

Mini Red and I all geared up to watch Chuck… 3-D!

Busted! Dude was wearing a thong.

There aren’t many shows I watch, but if I was allowed only one show it would be The Soup.  Joel McHale and crew are amazingly funny and present the highlights of the week’s shows in 30 minutes.  There are no other shows to watch because The Soup captures the best of the week. This past […]

How do I choose?

Between Desperate Housewives and American Gladiators.  vs Ummmmm not a tough decision. American Gladiators! Home sick all weekend and completely bored by the boob tube until American Gladiators.  Well, I did enjoy Biloxi Blues yesterday. 

Are you IN or are you OUT?

Are you IN or are you OUT? You are IN if you know the, long, awaited, season 4 premier of Project Runway is tonight! At 10PM on Bravo. I’m just too excited about this.  What a great week! Project Runway on Wednesday, a Happy Hour on Friday and the Oyster Riot on Saturday. Project Runway […]

Finally, It’s back!

I’m talking Nip/Tuck baby! It’s all new and they’ve opened up practice in L.A.  I’m loving where they’re taking this.