Wow! Last night Mr. & Mrs. M, Hophead an I headed to the 9:30 Club to see Clutch.  They haven’t played in a while, so when we heard they were going on tour we jumped at the chance to see them. A Heavy Metal venue is fairly new to me. I’ve only experienced it once […]

Planes, Rings and Hospital Rooms… Part2

In a nutshell… Ireland was AWESOME! We did more pub hopping and talking to people than the tourist attractions but we saw Ireland our way.  Plus we missed all of the natural disasters at home. After Hophead proposed, of course, I was thinking about the next step… how and when we would get married. I […]

ShamrockFEST Precursor

This past weekend I partied in Ocean City. The Amish Outlaws played Saturday night at Seacrets and as always they RAWKED the house. Pictures are coming out of the weekend… OMG! I do believe this picture is a precursor of the upcoming ShamrockFEST. Oh and Happy Birthday Jay Wood! Hopefully, next time you won’t get […]

Live a life less ordinary

Live a life less ordinary Live a life extraordinary with me Live a life less sedentary Live a life evolutionary with me Well I hate to be a bother, But it’s you and there’s no other, I do believe You can call me naive but… I know me very well (at least as far as I […]


OMG! It’s that time again… SHAMROCKFEST!!!!   I’ll be quite frank when I say I wasn’t that interested in going this year but then I checked out the line up. Here’s just a taste: The Roots  Train  Scythian Carbon Leaf Seven Nations  Mr. Greengenes Donegal Express  Enter the Haggis Dr. FU OMG!!!! This line up […]

My two cents…

Kanye “Fuck Nuts” West needs to be banned and boycotted. He apologized for a third time on the Jay Leno Show stating that it’s due to not taking time off especially after his mother’s death. I say, “Bull shit!” Excuses, excuses… He has done this time and time again and he will do it yet […]

Kiss me I’m Irish!

Sweet Motha of Gawd!  It’s that green time of year again. You don’t know what I’m talking about? SHAMROCKFEST!!!!!!! This year is gonna be different for me.  See last year I ended up interviewing Carbon Leaf and although it was unplanned and I just followed on Scarlett’s coat tails and it was a blast.  A […]

In between the last few boxes…

I checked out a few things on You Tube. First I had heard of this little chick who wowed Simon Cowell and finally remembered to check it out: Then is searching other songs she has sung I was reminded of this next song.  Did you know Robert Downey Jr. Sings? Love it!

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Mini Red and I caught some of the movie Elf last night after a particularly kick butt round of wrestling.  It was the first time she was able to get out of Mommy Leg Jail but I had to release her or fall off the bed on my head. She has become quite a worthy […]

Home for the Holidays?

Yo people Scythian is in town!! The Boys are back visiting their Mums. As luck would have it seems they had a chat with Steve over at Flanagan’s Harp & Fiddle and they are playing On Saturday. Can I get a WOOT WOOT?  Or maybe just dance a little jig.  Personally, I did the dance.  My co-workers […]