Cruel Summer

So today is my birthday… I have a few more friends… and a few less. I am getting so many well wishes on Facebook this morning but among those are the feelings of disgust over the hate in our country. It’s sad what people do to each other, especially these days. It’s like middle school […]

Six Degrees of Separation

I am obsessed with six degrees of separation! From Wikipedia: Six degrees of separation is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in […]

This is My Friend

Have you ever met someone and you just clicked? There is this chick and at one time, long ago before he met me, she dated my husband. I knew of her and would hear about her now and then. Then we moved to Frederick and this is her town except she was living in Colorado. […]

What Do They See?

I don’t get many new friends on Facebook these days but when I do I usually check out their page but I also check out mine. People I’m friends with on FB are in a trusted zone, so to speak. So when I let someone in I wonder what my world looks like in their […]

Match again? But I’m Married!

My bestie is on Match. I’m so proud of her because she has avoided Match or any dating help for a very long time. As my friend Velvet once said to me, “You can’t complain about not having anyone if you aren’t putting yourself out there”. So Match keeps throwing her possible matches and there […]

My Friend

This is my friend, Jen: All she wanted was for her daughter to have every opportunity in life. Cancer took Jen away from us too soon. This is Jen and her daughter: Let’s all help make Jen’s wish come true. Please visit The Friends Fund Thank you!

Weirded out… In a good way

We headed out to New Market to a dive bar for a 50th birthday party with some biker people. Great people and every time we show up more and more people remember us. Anyhow it is Val’s 50th Birthday. Happy Birthday VAL! We love you We didn’t stay too long. We knew if we did […]

Holiday + Work + Friends = CrazyDay

Yesterday was such a crazy day. I figured it would be but it can still be difficult to prepare for. We had potluck and the cube decorating contest at work.  I got third place for my decorations and was surprised to get that because I had elfed my director along with the rest of my […]

One Wedding down now on to the next one

The Chicago Wedding was WONDERFUL!  It was non-stop from the time we arrived.  Get this… There were 38 wedding parties staying at our hotel (Chicago Hyatt Regency).  That is one HUGE Hotel! Friday was the Cubs game and I got to see Soriano hit a homer and break the tie to lead the Cubs to […]

Go Chicago Cubs!! but don’t use Stub Hub to get your tickets

Nicole and Louis are FINALLY getting married this weekend after being together for 6 years and engaged for three. Anyone that has ever planned a wedding let alone just been in a wedding knows how stressful it can be.  The stress doubles when a good portion of the people attending the wedding are coming from […]