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Times are a Changing

Wow! What a different world I’m in now.

Two years ago I almost canceled on a date, Hophead. I had a rough time traveling back from a job out of town on a Thursday, my basement flooded Friday and I had a date for that Saturday night. I met him online and I knew nothing except for the few words he had written in his profile. We hadn’t even talked on the phone so with all my chaos maybe I should just cancel and stay home and relax.

Good thing I didn’t! A year later he proposed and now here we are MARRIED for 9 months.

He moved in with me… well kind of. His basics are moved in but our house is just too small to fit everything we both have. Believe me we have both been getting rid of a bunch of stuff but at our age there is just too much. When Ginja and I moved to this house it was big for us except for the bathroom. Just one bathroom… Ugggh. The one bathroom is probably the worst part now. This house can get full when we are all here. All of us means Hophead, Me, Ginja and Hophead’s daughter. Then on top of that each girl often has a friend or two or even three over. Poor Hophead has even resorted to relieving himself out in the back yard. I’m terrified Mrs. Peterson next door will see him.

This house can be stressful when it’s full. All that will be over soon because we found a house. We talked about looking but wanted to wait another year but the rates are great and this new place has two and a half baths.  So as chapters are advancing fast in our lives it seems yet another is being written and we are moving.

I can’t wait to own our own home and my addiction to Pinterest and DIY projects will become a reality. I also look forward to finding time to write more. I’ve been reading blogs again and I want to write. When I started the blogging it was a way to share my Mom stories and my interesting and odd dates. I was telling those stories long before I started blogging and I hope to find a way to write and share our stories of two families coming together.

Hophead and I love to eat and drink so we may bring stories of that nature but then we had to lose weight and we are trying to find a way to do all we want to do. He is a mountain biker and I run but even more interesting is our girls. They were both only children and both seem excited to have a sister now. They are complete opposites and get along great except for moments here and there. One time, in particular, they were not seeing eye to eye and we had to have a talk with each of them and one said, “Well… I guess this is what happens when you have a sister.”

They say some of the most stressful times in anyone life includes wedding and moving. We will have done both in a year and I can’t wait to feel more settled and relaxed.


One comment on “Times are a Changing

  1. Hooray! Having a home is everything it’s cracked up to be… and that 2.5 bathroom thing is AMAZING! So happy for you!

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