RP: Pick Up Line Of The Day

I once ran a help desk and a few of the clients still call me from time to time for help. I got a phone call today from a client that I have only spoken to on the phone. He says to me, “I quit my job last week because I won the Lottery. You […]

RP: Fart

Yes I said FART! “Pass the Gas”,”Piffication”, “Cut the Cheese” or my Mother’s favorite “Poo Poo POP!” This topic can be funny or horrifying depending on the person. Most don’t want to admit how funny they find it. I was informally dating “Boat Boy” and at the last minute he came over one night. We […]


I logged onto Facebook this morning to find this in my highlights:


I got a text message the other day and in it this guy called me “Babe“. It struck a bit of a chord in me because I like it. I got to thinking about this, so-called, term of endearment and started to search my brain as to why I liked it. Last year I started dating […]

It was a Match Moment

I hate to admit it but I have had moments of perusing Match lately debating if it’s something I want to do again.  Not really sure it is. Anyhow… I was out to lunch with some co-workers today at Chili’s in Reston.  I noticed this guy who looked familiar but I wasn’t sure why.  Remember […]

A great point from Squirrely Gurl

Squirrely Gurl has a dude… Rather a FWB.  He has been quiet lately and so I got this email from her.  Why? Because we are friends and sometimes you need to release what is going on inside your crazy brain.  This is what girlfriends do for each other.  We keep each other from sending that […]

I can’t decided which one to choose

If you haven’t heard Restaurant Refugee is hosting a contest… “A Worst Date Ever Blog Contest“. I am SOOO in! I have had A LOT of bad dates but the one that immediately came to mind was The Cowboy but I haven’t even written about him.  I think that may have been the date that […]

UPDATED: I’ll take another Bucket and fill it with Orange Crush please!

UPDATED: ** Last weekend Shortie came with me down to the O.C. I feared Shortie would be disappointed since we would be hitting happy hour and I would probably be asleep by 9 or 10pm. My weekends consist of having a few drinks, sleep, get up early walk the boards, sleep, beach time, sleep, happy […]

It’s important to understand the nothing box

With my last boyfriend there are times we would be hanging out or at dinner and I would look up at him and he would have this very serious look on his face. This happened quite often and I avoided asking that typical chick question “Whatcha thinking?” So I would smile and stare back. Then […]

The Graphic Goddess and her Tater

2007 marked a beginning of sorts for me.  I started college and took three classes last year.  I became friends with a girl and she and I stuck together through the classes especially the last two.  The last class was Illustrator and as I am who I am I would talk to many in the […]