ShamrockFEST Precursor

This past weekend I partied in Ocean City. The Amish Outlaws played Saturday night at Seacrets and as always they RAWKED the house. Pictures are coming out of the weekend… OMG! I do believe this picture is a precursor of the upcoming ShamrockFEST. Oh and Happy Birthday Jay Wood! Hopefully, next time you won’t get […]


I guess tonight I did a move that my sister says makes me “THAT WOMAN“. I’m the old lady that says something to kids behaving badly. This seems to often happen at the Folks beach condo. It first happened years ago. The Folks beach condo association collectively purchased a cart for anyone in our building […]


Love finding the local celebrities, but I didn’t find this one… That would be Brotha-Man. Brotha-Man pointed out Lurch from the Sports Junkies. Plus I happen to know that Squrriley Gurl LOVES her some Junkies. So after a day of drinking at a JAM packed Seacrets with cousins I headed over to Macky’s with Brotha-Man, […]

So glad this week is over

It has been quite a week! There has been a lot of work to bring this week to fruition. First: Mini Red got Confirmed!  She chose the name Joan as in Joan of Arc because Joan represents a very strong woman. Mini Red had to do research on Joan of Arc, write a report about […]

Chaos and Mahem

Well that’s how my life feels lately. August has been jam packed and it isn’t over yet.  The wedding in Chicago is this weekend and I haven’t even packed yet.  At least I did grab Mrs. M’s and my bridesmaid dresses and mailed them. Gawd I hope nothing goes wrong with that… I paid enough so it […]

A Photo Post from the Birthday Weekend

It was Friday, the crew have all arrived and we were ready to begin the evening’s festivities at Fager’s Island. Notice the cups and I’m already drunk and wearing lipstick even. I’ve decided to help with Nicole’s Bachlorette missions so I climbed on the platform with her to do the pole dancing.  Notice the cup? I don’t […]

Were you cup worthy?

If you were in OC this weekend and received one of my birthday cups let us know. We want to know who gave you the cup, where you got it, e.g. Fagers, Macky’s, Seacrets, and any other details you can provide us with. Oh and if you wanna take it a step further take a […]

Still trying to piece together last night

Seems yours truly got TRASHED last night. We started at Macky’s.  Mom said to be sure to let Danny know it’s my birthday weekend and to give him some cups.  I guess I should mention that Sis got 100 cups that say it’s my 40th birthday and they have my url. Shortie and I shared […]

*Updated* Looks like I won’t be leaving just yet

Even if the weather was bad I’m not leaving just yet.  I’m sure traffic is gonna be off the hook after that truck drove off the Bay Bridge this morning. Read about it here or here. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this on the Bay Bridge. *Big thunderstoms coming in.  People […]

I’ve become “THAT” Woman

Yes, it seems I’ve become THAT woman. A few weeks ago here at the beach Sis and I got in the elevator with two little girls.  They had hit every button in the elevator and it was evident they had been in there a while playing.  When we all got off on the ground floor […]