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Dying to be Domesticated-ISH

Mom / Sis / SIL / Ginja,

I am dying to do something that isn’t Work or Crew related. Unfortunately, I will need to start small but this new thing Pinterest has opened up a new world. I have found some cool sites and stuff to make.

For starters maybe Mom can make this for the new baby (not mine!):

And I can see this on my niece… easily:

I might make ten of these for the new baby or maybe just for me:

I may have to find me an inexpensive sewing machine. I started thinking about this after Sis’s friend’s Blog The Notebook:

Oh want to talk about food???? SIL will LOVE this blog: (because she love to cook… She hardly eats!)
(Note: there are categories) I get fatter just looking at this site. For example try searching on Bacon! OMG!!!

Oh No! I might have to do this for Aunt Dot:
I know I swore I wasn’t going back there unless it was for her funeral but she has a big shindig coming up in the Summer, 75 years of nunhood. My ticket to Heaven…

Oh My… I love all the things you can do will pallets. Just check this out:
Herb Garden!!!

OMG! How often do we find dressers with no drawers or missing drawers… Mom! Check out what this chick did!

This might have to be my first project:
I know just the words I want to use…

As much as I try to be an easygoing stretch your wings and fly type…
I just can’t stop trying to burst people into flames with my mind.

Lastly, This one is for the kiddo. You’ll do this for me if You REALLY really love me (Oh but I gave up chocolate for Lent):


One comment on “Dying to be Domesticated-ISH

  1. nice to see you blogging again

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