Animals in the Little City

It was late the other night and Ginja called as I parked in the driveway in the back. We were having a fairly serious conversation when it all ended suddenly. First let me explain my driveway is off an alley that runs out back of my house. Typical Downtown Frederick house. I don’t have a […]

Frederick, Maryland

I LOVE my town! Hophead and I moved to Frederick in late 2012 and we LOVE living Downtown. Visit Frederick:   #FrederickLife

Don’t Make Me Say It

The search begins… It’s not there. I swore it was in the desk drawer. Ok… Let me think a minute… I can see it in my head. I see it there… and there… and there. Not there. Where is it? Ok… I’ll go look upstairs in my room. I can see it in my head. I […]

What is happening to me?

In the past year we have gone through two of life’s most stressing experiences. 1. We got hitched! 2. We bought a house and moved Stress… Yes! Happiness… Yes!!! Pinterest is taking me to a new level. I used to be crafty and I want it back. The ENTIRE family… Both sides is coming here […]

A Day Off…

I took the day off… Or so I thought.   Opthalmologist office – Picked up new sunglasses… Dropped off glasses for new prescription lenses. The parking lot was nuts! Lawyer’s office – To drop off papers Seek out auto store. I searched by name (Pep Boys, Trak Auto) and Viper suggests NAPA. NAPA store looked shady […]

In Search of a Screw

I recently bought a used trampoline off craigslist. Took me the entire weekend to get it together but by Sunday evening it was done.  Even though the trampoline is together there are a few spots where a screw was missing.  Monday after work I took one of the screws and headed to Home Depot. In […]

Patience & Perseverance

I just can’t believe it! When I left my ex all those years ago I honestly didn’t think I could make this happen.  Not by myself.  Finally, a few years ago I knew I needed to make it happen and was confident I could… On my own. I have worked hard and now… Finally… I […]