Memories, Like the corners of my mind…

I have a horrible memory.  This is just one of the reason’s I call people Dude and Chick. This horrible memory is evident when looking for people on Facebook but in other areas this bad memory can be a good thing. I often don’t remember what I have blogged and when I go back to […]

Garden State

I haven’t seen this movie in years and lately been wanting to revist it.  Problem is the movie is R and Mini Red is always snooping around and I can’t let her watch R rated movies because I’m a Mom and that’s my job. This morning as I’m working, and Mini Red is sleeping in, […]

Holy Poop Balls Batman! Red has Posted Twice in One Day

Well I have good reason… I haven’t done much with myself today so… Umm… There. It has been a quiet few days except of course for the wrestling and except for when Mini Red and I watched this one scene today.  We were literally screaming it was so disgusting.  Guess what? I’m going to share […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Mini Red and I caught some of the movie Elf last night after a particularly kick butt round of wrestling.  It was the first time she was able to get out of Mommy Leg Jail but I had to release her or fall off the bed on my head. She has become quite a worthy […]

Do you know of Emma?

After a long grueling day Mini Red and I are finally home. We’ve gotten in our comfy clothes and mulling around finishing things up for the evening.  As we are settling down Mini Red turned on the movie Emma, based on the book of the same title by Jane Austin. Now I know some of […]