Cruel Summer

So today is my birthday… I have a few more friends… and a few less. I am getting so many well wishes on Facebook this morning but among those are the feelings of disgust over the hate in our country. It’s sad what people do to each other, especially these days. It’s like middle school […]

Is He Wearing Pants?

Every time this AT&T commercial comes on I think the guy in the ceiling is sans pants.  

Zombie Apocalypse

I was hearing all this talk about a show that was starting season 3. It is about a zombie apocalypse and it was nominated for awards. I couldn’t believe such a show could be so good. I was curious and started investigating. The show is called The Walking Dead. It looked interesting but I’m not […]

Don’t Let that Bug See You Naked

As I climbed out of the shower and started drying off I saw it!  A STINK BUG crawling along the toilet!  It freaked the living daylights outta me. I wrapped the towel around me and calmly got some toilet paper, grabbed it and threw it in the toilet and flushed. Phew that was over with. […]

This is Hell I tell you!

Visiting Aunt Dot and took Ginja, as usual, and Hophead. We arrived just in time for church. Then off to lunch in the hall. It was all pretty tame except for everyone pushing us to stay for dinner. Then it got bad… I stepped away to let them know we would stay for dinner but […]

Holiday Bar Hop

About a month ago I scheduled a Bar Hop among friends via Facebook. Never been to a bar hopping type thingy before but I scheduled it. Quite a few came out and everyone had fun. Except there were complaints that half hour for each bar was a bit aggressive. I was asked to schedule another […]

Things aren’t always as they seem…

… Then your eyes open and it packs quite a sharp punch in the nose. From the age of 25 I felt the old age coming on and just didn’t want to get old.  Always felt too young to be old.  I was horribly offended when at the age of 25 a dude guessed my […]