Cleaning Day!

It’s a cleaning day. .. ish! After the first full week of work after the shutdown the house has become a bit of a disaster area. While Hophead is mowing the lawn and I am cleaning out the fridge and gonna make some juice. This serves two purposes… Cleaning the fridge and to clean out […]

Tis the Season for Skulls

    The Skull rides again because, of course, it is October. The only difference is this year my vehicle has changed. I needed something bigger to drive Mini Red and the crew kids around as well as all the stuff. So I got a Jeep Commander, which is affectionately called the Buttmaster “C”. The […]

The skull has been mounted!

Get your minds outta the gutter! MooooHAHAHAHAHAHA! It doesn’t look any different from last time so check out the pics here. Be on the lookout for possible Rolling Skull Stories.   **Did I mention… We are rolling to Scranton, PA to visit Aunt Dot at the convent?  I wonder how they will feel having our […]

Halloween with the PTA in Suburbia

Last Saturday I was invited to a Halloween party.  I don’t usually dress up for Halloween since I hate being uncomfortable.  I was able to come up with an idea to reuse one of my bridesmaid dresses.  I messed up my hair, threw in a few fake bruises, had a matching bouquet and I was […]