I was reading a post by Lemon Gloria and her discussion with some friends about Lent and what it’s all about. So I went and looked up what I wrote back in 2007.  Seems there was a lot I had forgotten. **Repost It’s that time of year again when Catholics stick out like marked people […]

Save the Ta Tas

Did you know October is Breast Cancer awareness month? Breast Cancer has affected most families but now-a-days more seem to survive it. My Grandmother as well as my Godmother had breast cancer. Both beat it but both passed due to another sort of cancer. For years I was a smoker and I quit 5 years […]

The Kensington Labor Day Parade

If you’ve been to Kensington’s Labor Day Parade before then you have a predefined area to sit along with your family and friends.  You also know to bring a bag for the candy that gets thrown at you and a trash bag for the political handouts as well as the candy wrappers. The parade always […]

Now that the holidays are over we can breathe a sigh of relief and welcome 2009

The holidays have come and gone… Thank goodness. I spent Christmas week sick as a dawg.  Started with a cold and by the Christmas Eve I couldn’t keep much down. I felt so bad that during the annual Family Christmas Eve Party I went and took a nap. The Family got up at the crack […]

Did you know I’m a Princess?

For some reason I was reminded of this story tonight: This is a story told to me by Mini Red several years ago and it was told to her by my Mom.  I found it very odd that Mom would tell Mini Red a story from my Biological Father since he isn’t discussed much… Out of […]

The Toad Passed on

Actually I’m serious. Tonight was the weekly Family Dinner Night and Aunt Peanut was unable to make it.  She had to go to a wake for her friend Toad. When we heard this, at the dinner table, we all stopped and stared at Dad wondering if he was serious.  He then told us, “Well at […]

The party’s almost over… Oh Wait! It’s just the calm before the storm.

My vacation is at an end tomorrow.  All week it’s been The Folks, Sis, Minnie Red and I.  Viper arrived Friday night and here it is Saturday morning and suddenly everyone is scurring. The King is coming! The King is coming! The final baby proofing is going on… and I’m sitting here writing but I […]

Another Beach Weekend but no Buckets for Red this time

I arrived later than I would have liked on Friday but a little after 6 isn’t bad.  The Moms, Mine and Viper’s, had already been to Happy Hour at Macky’s but no buckets for them.  The Dads, Mine and Viper’s, were golfing and didn’t get back til sometime after 7pm.  Sis, Viper and Meg came […]

More Buckets coming my way

I WILL leave for the beach early this Friday!  I will, I will, I will. This weekend Minnie Red is off to her Dad’s and I will be hitting the beach, again, with The Folks, Sis, Viper and his parents.  I don’t even care that I’ll be the 7th wheel because everyone is cool which […]

The King Turns 1 today!

Brotha-Man and SIL’s first son, The King, turns one today and their second child is due the end of December.  I like being the Auntie!