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What is happening to me?

In the past year we have gone through two of life’s most stressing experiences.

1. We got hitched!

2. We bought a house and moved

Stress… Yes!

Happiness… Yes!!!

Pinterest is taking me to a new level.

I used to be crafty and I want it back.

The ENTIRE family… Both sides is coming here for Thanksgiving. The Plantation Shutters will be installed just a few days prior. Oh and did I mention we are visiting Aunt Dot the weekend before.


There is so much to do and so much I just want to do.

I even went to the fabric store! I just pretended I knew what I was doing and they fell for it.

I have two chairs to make and cover seats for. I’ve bought fabric for the bathroom windows (that will have to wait til after Thanksgiving).


There is so much to do!

Domestication and craftyness is going to an entirely new level here.

The best part is we are having people over! Both families. I feel a little selfish but I love that we now live in a place that is fun to visit and have we have room to have people.


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