Relax, Cool Red

Ok so I wrote about how last week sucked and this week hasn’t been much better. Waa waa waaaaa I know, “Stop being a Fuckin Pansy Red! Work has just been off the hook and lemme tell ya all about it. I was not looking forward to work on Monday and was trying to think […]

I’m about to lose THOUSANDS of hours

And now… So will YOU! Check this out: Shining (Romantic Comedy) Evidently, this trailer started it all.  “The trailer that started it all. Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror film starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall becomes a feel-good movie about a writer struggling to find his muse and a boy lonely for a father. ” For […]

The Graphic Goddess and her Tater

2007 marked a beginning of sorts for me.  I started college and took three classes last year.  I became friends with a girl and she and I stuck together through the classes especially the last two.  The last class was Illustrator and as I am who I am I would talk to many in the […]

Bear with me…

As I move myself over here.  I finally bit the bullet and got me a URL.  You know… to join the in crowd. Word-press is a different animal and this will take some getting used to as I design myself.