Goatee: Poll 2008

My co-worker walked in this morning and shocked us all.  He shaved his goatee. Someone said he looked ten years younger. He is trying to decide if he likes it or not.  He figures if he wants to grow it back he could do it easily over the three day weekend coming up. I told […]

Hmmmm… What to do????

Monday: At Work:  ***Tapping fingers on my desk*** In The Car: ***Tapping fingers on the steering wheel*** I’m just not sure what to do with myself.  Minnie Red is at the beach and Kima is in a new home.  Not sure I want to be home alone.  Oh sure there are things that need to […]

Just Typical Weeknight Errands

Yesterday after work I met up with Mrs. M to run some errands and grab a bite to eat.  We have so much coming up and there are a million things that need to get done and just not enough time.  Time only permitted us to run one errand before heading off to dinner.  The […]

Relax, Cool Red

Ok so I wrote about how last week sucked and this week hasn’t been much better. Waa waa waaaaa I know, “Stop being a Fuckin Pansy Red! Work has just been off the hook and lemme tell ya all about it. I was not looking forward to work on Monday and was trying to think […]

I’m about to lose THOUSANDS of hours

And now… So will YOU! Check this out: Shining (Romantic Comedy) Evidently, this trailer started it all.  “The trailer that started it all. Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror film starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall becomes a feel-good movie about a writer struggling to find his muse and a boy lonely for a father. ” For […]

The Graphic Goddess and her Tater

2007 marked a beginning of sorts for me.  I started college and took three classes last year.  I became friends with a girl and she and I stuck together through the classes especially the last two.  The last class was Illustrator and as I am who I am I would talk to many in the […]

Bear with me…

As I move myself over here.  I finally bit the bullet and got me a URL.  You know… to join the in crowd. Word-press is a different animal and this will take some getting used to as I design myself.