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Holiday Bar Hop

About a month ago I scheduled a Bar Hop among friends via Facebook. Never been to a bar hopping type thingy before but I scheduled it. Quite a few came out and everyone had fun. Except there were complaints that half hour for each bar was a bit aggressive.

I was asked to schedule another Hop but this time I set a starting bar and ending bar and had people vote on which they wanted to go to in between. I have also scheduled an hour at each bar… So stop the bitching, OK?

Seems we are going to have quite the turn out and I decided to put it out there in Blog Land in case more wanted to join us.

So here is the deal:



Holiday Bar Hop


   Friday December 4th 2009

5pm               Union Street Pub                121 S. Union Street

 6pm               O’Connell’s                           112 King Street

 7pm               La Tasca                                607 King Street

 8pm               Light Horse (Upstairs)         715 King Street

 9pm               Flying Fish (Downstairs)      815A King Street

 Old Town Alexandria, VA

For more details on where to go here is a map.

A few tips:

  • Bring cash so you can pay quickly and be on to the next bar.
  • Pace yourself.
  • There are plenty of Cabs to get you home. Be safe.
  • Have fun!

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