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Zombie Apocalypse

I was hearing all this talk about a show that was starting season 3. It is about a zombie apocalypse and it was nominated for awards. I couldn’t believe such a show could be so good. I was curious and started investigating.

The show is called The Walking Dead. It looked interesting but I’m not the type of chick that likes scary movies of any sort. I tried the scary corn maze this year with Hophead and the kids. Oh good heavens! I told those zombies;

I’m the Mom! Eat the children!

I won’t be doing that again.

The show is quickly addictive and since I’ve gotten into The Walking Dead the Zombie Apocalypse has been weighing heavily on my mind.

I knew when I started watching that zombies are silly but for some reason the they scared the crap out of me. Hophead really enjoyed watching me hide behind blankets, pillows and hands whenever the zombies came out.

Plus he would make those horrible zombie noises. I had to lock myself in the bathroom one night because he was scaring me so bad. He would scrape at the door making zombie noises and he would play zombie noises on his phone and slid the phone under the bathroom door!

I had to have a little sit down with myself and figure out why these zombies scared me so bad whereas vampires and werewolves did not.

I realized one is supernatural and one is a disease but more importantly you had a better chance to reason with a vampire or werewolf.

STOP! (hand in the air)

With a zombie there is no reasoning with them. They can’t even talk!

We have been watching so many episodes of The Walking Dead, catching up, I have zombies on the brain. I recently realized when the toilet flushes at work it sounds like zombies. Not just one and not a herd but a few.

We are, finally, up-to-date with the shows. No more Walking Dead marathons before bed time. There seem to be less zombies per show and there is now hope for survival, kind of.

So I’m not as scared and if there is ever a zombie apocalypse I now feel I may be able to survive, If I never sleep.

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