Hmmmm… What to do????


At Work:  ***Tapping fingers on my desk***

In The Car: ***Tapping fingers on the steering wheel***

I’m just not sure what to do with myself.  Minnie Red is at the beach and Kima is in a new home.  Not sure I want to be home alone.  Oh sure there are things that need to be done but… Nah don’t wanna do any of that stuff.  I’m just not sure what I want to do.

Maybe see a movie?  So I headed towards White Flint.  Ditched the movie idea and did a little shopping and decided to go for a pedicure.  I chose a pink but jeeze it ended up being an obnoxious glow-in-the dark type pink but it’s growing on me and I’m kinda digging it.

On the way home I talked to Minnie Red.  She and Mom went out on the wave runner.  Sounds like they traveled all over the place even packing themselves a lunch.  They stopped at some random beach and chowed down.  Oh yeah and Minnie Red tells me there were some kids hanging out there too… Boys!  The oldest was about her age and his little brother kept trying to get her phone number for the older brother.  She got them to back off by telling them she has a boyfriend.  I love that Minnie Red and Mom are having this bonding time and Minnie Red is having some real summer vacation and at the beach no less.

I did have to call FN after talking to Minnie Red.  Seems she did a so called break up with her little mohawk friend due to another boy on the horizon.  This other boy is one she met when she and her Dad hang out at Renn Fest.  She seems to think FN is unaware of what is going on but the boy’s parents let him know about these two texting quite a bit lately.  FN has assured me that when the two will hang out at Renn Fest they will be watched like hawks especially by Minnie Red‘s 17 yr old cousin who plans to be the third wheel.  Minnie Red will be in for a surprise when she realizes her Dad DOES know and it wasn’t by me.  At least he and I are on the same page about her.  I have no problem with boys who are friends or if she wants to say she is dating them because in reality it is only texting, emailing or calls and they aren’t seeing each other in person. She is too young for any kind of dating.

At Home: ***Tapping fingers on my face***

It’s like this every year and it just not something you can’t prepare for.  BUT… When in doubt go running.  I wanted to run and was waiting til later due to the heat.   When the time came I didn’t feel like running and could feel it wouldn’t be a good run but then… I did… I ran.  It was 9pm but I wasn’t planning on going for long.  I knew I had to do this or the running I did last week would be for nothing.

When I got home from running I found an email from Mrs. M.  I’ve been dealing with some crap lately, on a work level as well as personal.  I think I’ve been handling it all very well and just trying to push the bad stuff away and out of my mind.  Anyhow, I got this email from her and I have to say it left me in tears.  I don’t think anyone has ever done anything so nice and genuine for me.

this is my version of sending you good karma…… I think you need a reminder of how great you are, with all of these emotional hits you’ve taken lately so….I can’t bear that you think bad things about yourself when you might possibly be the last person on Earth who should be (and there are so many good-for-nothings running around thinking they’re the shit!).

The rest of her email I am keeping to myself.  I’m so lucky to have the friends I have.  Between them and running I have no worries except… for the big birthday coming up.

2 comments on “Hmmmm… What to do????

  1. I like the polish. Of course, you make anything look good.

  2. I like to run occassionally. Of course, it usually involves running from a mob of people I just ran off the road, but such is life.

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