Just Typical Weeknight Errands

Yesterday after work I met up with Mrs. M to run some errands and grab a bite to eat. 

We have so much coming up and there are a million things that need to get done and just not enough time.  Time only permitted us to run one errand before heading off to dinner.  The plan was to eat at Gordon Biersch in Rockville Town Center but the wait was forever long and I didn’t want to leave Minnie Red for too long.  She is plenty old enough but I still hate leaving her at home. 

Anyhow… We decided to continue walking and came upon this Sushi place, Sushi Damo.  Looks like I’ve found my new favorite Sushi place. Plus it’s closer than Flying Fish in Alexandria.  I was going to order the Tengoku Roll but the waiter suggested the Sakura Roll and it was to die for.

The storms hit on the way home and just before I was to drop Mrs. M off Mr. M called to check and make sure she was ok.  They are so cute!  Then Mrs. M filled Mr. M in on our evening.

Hey Babe!  We just had your dream evening.  We went to Forbidden Fruit, the sex shop, then had a Sushi dinner.”

……Get your minds outta the gutter… Not that kind of sushi dinner!

I wish I could have heard him on the other end.

If you live in the area and haven’t been to this store then you are definitely missing out.  The staff there is always very friendly and helpful.  The front part of the store is pretty tame but if you walk into the back you will find the really fun toys.  They have a door in the back that I would assume leads to their storeroom.  The door is flanked by these greekish looking pillars.  As we worked our way around the room came upon the bondage toys located next to one of the pillars, which had a heart shaped plaque that said “LOVE“.  Yes, I guess bondage is love.

Unfortunately, the trip to Forbidden Fruit wasn’t for either of us but I told the sales girl I would be back next week.  I’m due for an upgrade since the off buttons on my current one aren’t working.

2 comments on “Just Typical Weeknight Errands

  1. You had me speechless for a second which is hard to do. You’re going to have to give us an update next week.

    One time in NYC, we were walking in the East Village and randomly happened across a sex shop with all sorts of bondage stuff in the window. Of course, we went in and I am ashamed to say that I still don’t know how some of that stuff would work anatomically speaking….

  2. I lost consciousness for a minute…I’m back now.

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