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Satisfied my Green Thirst

Ahhhh Shamrockfest… in the rain!

I missed last year and last year it rained too. I braved it this year and took Squirrely Gurl with me.

I had high hopes as the rain had stopped when I was getting on the Metro. By the time I got to the Stadium it was POURING! Plus I walked right past Squirrely Gurl. The VIP line was GINORMOUS but thankfully it moved rather quick as they had us walk through the mud. Until I got there. They questionsed if my ticket was VIP and were unable to scan it. They asked me to step to the side where some chick decided to bump me with her rear because I was in her way yelling at me “I’m working here!”.

“Hey sorry they told me to stand here”.

Squirrely Gurl and I beelined it to the VIP section and the shortest beer line to then duck into a tent to get out of the rain.

The beer went fast and we needed to warm up. We got more checked out the food in the VIP section but passed. We got more beer and ventured out. That didn’t last long cause we needed more beer so back into the VIP section we went. On our way we checked the lineup and the times and noticed Scythian was playing in the VIP section in about 30 minutes.

As we were drinking our beer we enjoyed the sights around us. I had enough beer at this point to stop people for pictures. Like this big balled fellow:

Then I noticed this guy with an extra short kilt. I hadn’t even noticed his shirt until Squirrely Gurl pointed it out. But then I had to show my shirt so I unzipped and then went to unzip the next jacket as he said, “Oh Yeah! keep going!”

There was the HOT, bearded leprechaun twins.

All kinds were at Shamrockfest.

And then there was SCYTHIAN! I have not seen them live in such a long time. I can’t believe I’d forgot how they ROCK the house.

Then they played “Gypsy Fiddle”. Leks can bring you to tears when he plays this.

The crowd seems to agree!

Can’t wait til Scythian makes some regular appearances back here in D.C. I know I’ll be checking their website for upcoming shows.

It was cold and rainy so it was difficult to show off my St. Patty’s shirt so I was sure to get a picture of it.

I kinda look like an Irish Snookie, eh?

We found more great outfits on our way back to the beer truck.

After we got a refill we were hanging out when Squirrely Gurl says, “I think I found my favorite. There’s an Asian guy with a frog umbrella.”

“OMG! That’s JOE!!!!”

I haven’t seen Joe in years, but what was most unusual to me was I had just gotten rid of the EXACT same umbrella just earlier that day when Purple Heart picked up my donated items.

Squirrley Gurl and I agreed we were done and worked our way out. We stopped for a bite on our way and experienced a reunion of sorts when these two found each other right in front of me and under Squirrley Gurl’s umbrella.

As we walked out we were very glad to be going. We were soaked to the bone and wet jeans just aren’t a lot of fun.

All things considered we had a blast. We didn’t see as many acts as I would have liked but Scythian satisfied my thirst.

Shamrockfest is an experience that must be had by all!!

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