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This is My Friend

Have you ever met someone and you just clicked?

There is this chick and at one time, long ago before he met me, she dated my husband. I knew of her and would hear about her now and then. Then we moved to Frederick and this is her town except she was living in Colorado. I would hear about her more after I moved to Frederick.

She is this kick ass Mountain Biker. She has no fear and does the intense downhill (like a ski slope hill) Mountain Biking with some serious speed. The guys all knew her and liked her and the women do too.

This was intimidating to me and then she moved back to Frederick with her husband and son. How could I live up to this woman? What I have I gotten myself into? Now I was hearing about her more. People were excited she was back in town. I was having nightmares.

Then one day, at Frederick’s Annual “In The Streets”. Hophead, Squirrely Gurl and I decided to get out of the sun after throwing back a few beers. Off we went to find a bite to eat but all the restaurants were packed but we are locals now and we knew where to go. When we walked in you could almost hear the dun dun DUN! She was there with her Dad, Husband, son and brand new twins. Uggggh! My head isn’t on straight. All I could do is stare.

So what did we do? We all had dinner together.

When we left Squirrely Gurl says, ‘Wait! What? THAT WAS ANGELA?”

After that we would stop by their house and then they would stop by our house and a friendship grew. Funny thing was she had heard how nice I was and yadda yadda. Seems we were both a little nervous to meet each other.

As a woman it is not easy to make friends the older you get or friends you think of like a Sistah.


In March this newest Sistah of mine found a lump. Within less than two weeks she was starting chemo because it’s aggressive so she needs to be aggressive. She is Stage 3 and some of the lymph nodes tested positive.

Her husband is a stay-at-home Dad because twins was not what they were expecting. They have lived on a tight budget on Angela’s salary and now this.

So a month has passed and she has had two chemo treatments and a port was placed. This is all happening so fast.


We are trying to raise money to help out Angela and her family. If you have a little extra you can spare I would be grateful if you could help.


Thank you


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