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A great point from Squirrely Gurl

Squirrely Gurl has a dude… Rather a FWB.  He has been quiet lately and so I got this email from her.  Why? Because we are friends and sometimes you need to release what is going on inside your crazy brain.  This is what girlfriends do for each other.  We keep each other from sending that email telling you what an idiot you are and… Well… You know what I mean… If you’re a gurl.

Squirrely Gurl says:

I was thinking of anything a guy could say that would be better than silence. (This is obviously a work- in progress.)

  • I’m too busy
  • I was snatched by aliens and remember nothing, but my ass is really sore.
  • I don’t pay my bills, so both phone & Internet is cut off .
  • My wife is onto us…
  • I’m being indicted for war crimes.. And must go to the Hague
  • I thought you were a man, disguised as a woman… The truth freaked me out
  • It’s not you, it’s me.  I mean seriously did you read above?
  • Seriously, I’ve fallen and can’t get up.  I need a medical bracelet or something
  • Your dog licked my ass when I was making sweet, sweet love to you.  A guy’s got to draw a line.
  • You’re so hot … It scared me
  • The fact that you don’t want anything more than a good time freaks me out!
  • [My all-time favorite … And true story] there have been others…
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