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Holiday + Work + Friends = CrazyDay

Yesterday was such a crazy day. I figured it would be but it can still be difficult to prepare for.

We had potluck and the cube decorating contest at work.  I got third place for my decorations and was surprised to get that because I had elfed my director along with the rest of my team and placed them all over my walls. I found it all very amusing because decorating the cube really isn’t my thing and I don’t know what got into me.  My original plan was to Photoshop my Director, as Santa, print it out on one of the plotters so I could hang it outside my cube.  There just wasn’t enough time and he was grateful for that but I’ve threatened to make him Cupid for Valentine’s Day.


picture_0053100_01213I left work and headed to Old Town Alexandria to be Squirrely’s Gurl’s guest for her Holiday Party on a Riverboat… Casino style.  It just happens it’s my former company’s party so I knew most of the people there.  Hardly saw Squirrely Gurl at all while I reconnected with old co-workers.  Tried my hand at Craps but just wasn’t getting it.

The boat docked around 9PM and Squirrely Gurl and I headed to Flanagan’s Harp and Fiddle in Bethesda to see/hear 100_01431100_01441Scythian.  Mrs. M and her crew were already there and as Squirrely Gurl and I pulled up we saw Shortie heading in with two boys.  Who are those boys?  We found Rock Star parking and headed in to join everyone.  The crowd was rocking and everyone was having a great time.  I loved it!  Scythian really knows how to rock the house Celtic Holiday style. A good time was had by all and I have to say my favorite part of the entire day was bumping into someone I hadn’t seen in a long time and meeting his son.  It was too brief but it was great to see you!

It was getting late and the day had been full so I made sure Squirrely Gurl had a way home and I called it an evening.

This morning I got the following email from Shortie on the rest of the evening after I left.

So I will set this all up for ya.

You bring in all of Squirrely Gurl’s stuff, plus the shoes and are on your way.  This tall well dressed bald man comes up to me and starts talking.  Tells me I am very attractive, yada yada…. Wants to know my name (I tell him Tall Girl), wants to know where I live (he guesses Arlington, weird) and what I do….I tell him IT, he calls me a computer geek.   So he asks if he can take me out some time and if I am single.  He asks for my number, then email, and then gives me his card.  All the while Squirrely Gurl and I are making faces at each other (while she is trying not to fall off the stool).  God only knows where Boy1 and Boy2 are, but I know they are watching this whole thing.  Turns out he is a piano teacher….not what I was expecting but hey.  So one of his friends comes over (Scythian has gone a little country on us) and the dude starts clogging or something.  All I noticed was the 80s loafers and the red socks.  He is swing and groovin all over the place.  Arms and hands coming dangerously close to whacking Boy1 and Boy2 who have been up against the windows.  The next song comes on “The Kiss”, I tell Squirrely Gurl and the boys we can leave right after this is done.  So I am standing there doing my thing when another dude grabs me and starts twirling me.  Really, what!  Next the creepy guy with the long hair comes by, stops, backs up and looks at me.  He goes, “you look happier tonight”.  I say, “I have friends with me tonight.” 

It is time to get the hell out.

Leave Harp and Fiddle.  Squirrely Gurl is searching through her stuff cause she can’t find her phone (oh no, not the phone).  The boys are half a block a head and Boy1 is singing, badly at the top of his lungs.  Squirrely Gurl, thank God, finds her phone.  We get to the car….and it starts.  The boys are singing and quoting Frost, Shakespeare and I think they think Thoreau.  So we are heading back, I’m following my GPS, cause I want to avoid G-Town tonight.  We pull up to a light, the guys next to us are dancing, and I lock the windows.  Squirrely Gurl, Boy1 and Boy2 all want to put the windows down so they can, I have no idea, talk, make fun, yell……who knows.  So we are heading down Mass or Conn Ave and the boys are giving me turn by light by car directions….wonderful.  Heading towards Dupont Circle.  Get up to the circle, construction, no circle access.  U-turn back up the street.  Don’t know what I am going to do…..make a right go down a few blocks, make a right head back into the city…..F@#$% A back at the freakin circle, and sorta blocked again.  The peanut gallery has figured it out too and is cursing the construction and as Adam would say “kirking out”.  I go left, the opposite way on the circle to get around the cones and back on to the circle.  Thank goodness, now we can keep moving.  Boy1 who hasn’t been in DC in a very long time is being a complete tourist, loving every building we pass.  We get on 14th and he sees the Washington monument.  Gets waaaaaaay too excited.  So Squirrely Gurl and I point out that coming up on the left he will be able to see the capital.  I thought he was going to get out of the car (good thing my car auto locks everyone in).  We are on 1 heading toward Squirrely Gurl’s when everyone announces they have to pee…..great, can you hold it 15 minutes more……sure.  Get to Squirrely Gurl’s, the boys are doing their pee pee dance and ask to use Squirrely Gurl’s…..everyone out.  

I have to say that has been one of the more interesting drives home.  Squirrely Gurl was cracking me up and the boys were in their own world.  I felt like a mother on carpool duty.  Home by 2 am and to work before 8 am, I am going to need a nap this afternoon.  TGIF.

We need to hang out more……maybe after Christmas.  I will be home on the 28th and I have no plans for the rest of the so called holiday season…..
Love ya, miss ya

One of the best things I did to prepare for last night was to bring a change of shoes. It was a wonderfully full day but I woke up this morning to the realization that my stomach doesn’t quite agree and my feet are mad because I didn’t switch to the flats soon enough.  Working will be difficult today.

Note: Be sure to check back for photos to be added


One comment on “Holiday + Work + Friends = CrazyDay

  1. Glad you liked my recap.
    I love that you blog is snowing on me.

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