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It’s important to understand the nothing box

With my last boyfriend there are times we would be hanging out or at dinner and I would look up at him and he would have this very serious look on his face. This happened quite often and I avoided asking that typical chick question “Whatcha thinking?” So I would smile and stare back.

Then one day a co-worker, The Albanian Metro Boy, showed me this video:

I shared it with my boyfriend and we had a good laugh about how true it all was.

As time went by and the boyfriend and I became more comfortable with each other I would ask, “What’s on your…. Ohhhh! Are you in that nothing box?”

Ohhhhh… Yeah. Hold on I’m putting it away.”

One comment on “It’s important to understand the nothing box

  1. I’ve got a Hot RedHead Box, and you’re in it. Since I’ve never met you, it’s mostly imaginary stuff, but it’s good.

    You have such a way of looking at things, but it always puts a smile on my face. – Red

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