I can’t decided which one to choose

If you haven’t heard Restaurant Refugee is hosting a contest… “A Worst Date Ever Blog Contest“.

I am SOOO in!

I have had A LOT of bad dates but the one that immediately came to mind was The Cowboy but I haven’t even written about him.  I think that may have been the date that finally got me blogging cause everyone loved the story.  I repeated that story so many times and I think it was Trish begging me to start writing for fear of ever missing one of these stories.

Ra’s favorite story was about Chubby and she and her hubby tell it better than I at this point because there are pieces of that one that I tend to forget (*shutter*).  The jist of it is this dude I was hanging out with, not dating, came over to my place one day.  He walked in the door, went over to the couch, pulled down his pants, sat down and said, “Com’on Baby… Hop on my Chubby!”

I had not hooked up with this dude AT ALL and suddenly he’s sitting penis out on my couch.  WTF?!?

I have always retained a certain amount of decorum in dealing with some of these dudes.  I nicely end the date and get away because there is no sense in being mean.

This case was different.  I held the door open and said, “GET THE FUCK OUT!!!

So when Ra told this story to her Hubby-To-Be he sent me a gift.  He saw it in the store right after hearing about Chubby and from what I hear he started cracking up right then and there.

He sent me one of these:

…and it was the Cream Soda one.

So while Chubby might be a contender for the “Worst Date Ever” there are still some other bad ones that I’ve previously posted.  I can only submit one for the contest and I just don’t know which to choose. 

Here are my contenders:

Which one do I submit?

3 comments on “I can’t decided which one to choose

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  2. How awful! “Chubby?” Really?!?

    I’m so glad I’m married.

  3. Bwaaahahahahahahahahaha!

    Oh no he DI’NT!?

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