The Graphic Goddess and her Tater

2007 marked a beginning of sorts for me.  I started college and took three classes last year.  I became friends with a girl and she and I stuck together through the classes especially the last two. 

The last class was Illustrator and as I am who I am I would talk to many in the class.  We had one class left and I was talking to this dude who noted that I said my friend’s name.  It became evident that he was intrigued by her but nothing to worry there was only one class left.  I did, however, tease her that he was going to be in the next class (In Design) with us.

The In Design class started January 28th and my friend was disappointed that I had decided to take a break.  We both voiced concern over the dude, who we will call Tater.  Our concerns became justified the first day of class. 

I was at home and happened to be on the computer when I got a sudden IM “dude. i need you in this class” and in a blink of the eye she was gone.

Ends up Tater picked a seat right next to her and even asked her out after class.  On top of that it seems the Professor is a complete loon.  Every time we talk I become more and more happy with my decision and she wishes she made the same decision.

Now that I’ve set this up here is the conversation we had today:

Graphic Goddess: i HATE HATE HATE this class.

Graphic Goddess: take it with the other Professor, save yourself

Red: oh yeah?  I’m feeling very happy about my decision not to take a class this semester.

Graphic Goddess: yeah i would too. I want to shoot myself

Red: I’m sure Tater isn’t helping

Graphic Goddess: he asks me out every class

Red: really? what the hell?

Graphic Goddess: he’s always like – so you’re not going to let me buy you food?
and i say, nope
and he’s like, really?
and i’m like, yep
and then he hates me for a bit
he’s very grumpy

Red: then he tries again? He’s a brooding sort of guy

Graphic Goddess: yes he is.  We don’t really get along very well
I always think he’s being an asshole and he’s well, always being an asshole

Red: you should bring in a framed photo of you and your boy and ask him his advice on the frame

Graphic Goddess: ha

Red: I love that you are very direct with him

Graphic Goddess: 🙂

Red: can I post this conversation? this is funny stuff
I’ll change his name to Tater. So what you want me to call you?

Graphic Goddess: sure.  um…i don’t care. graphic goddess? 🙂

4 comments on “The Graphic Goddess and her Tater

  1. Some guys can’t take the hint if it came wrapped in an 8 pound sledge hammer.

  2. Fuh-NEEE.

    Yes, I agree with the photo and frame idea.

  3. The picture/frame idea is classic!
    That ‘should’ set him straight…

  4. Poor goddess. Someone needs to mash that Tater.

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