No Concentration… AT ALL!! **Update**

All of us are finding it a bit difficult to concentrate today.  It is now 2:00 and no word yet on the RIFs.

Tensions are high and that seems to flowing into all sorts of other areas.

Then I noticed on Twitter that Dom DeLuise passed yesterday.  So sad! He was only 75 but was suffering from kidney failure and respiratory issues. 

We all started talking about this over the cubes and got us very easily disrupted us since it’s so difficult to concentrate anyhow.

This then led to a discussion of stars and plastic surgery starting with Burt Reynolds, since he is who you think of in conjunction with Dom DeLuise and those Cannonball Movies.  burt

The discussion turned to Kenny Rogers and Roy Schneider’s bad plastic surgery. kenny-rogers-face-lift

Then someone said that Darryl Hannah had plastic surgery which led to this awful photo and somehow I came across an article on famous people who are borderline austistic.

Oh and then there was the discussion that Kelly McGillis recently came out in an article with SheWired.com. Kelly Reminds me of Kathleen Turner who has aged HORRIBLY! If you saw her in “Marley and Me” then you know what I’m talking about.

See what happens when you can’t concentrate!

I still have my job but many good people are leaving.  It is very sad at work this week.  Keep those who have lost their jobs in your prayers.  It is happening too much lately and NO ONE is immune.  Not even IT.

5 comments on “No Concentration… AT ALL!! **Update**

  1. Kathleen Turner suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and has to take some sort of medication which causes the bloating that one sees when viewing her these days. Not to say she wouldn’t have put on some weight regardless, just that her appearance is not merely a function of aging/eating.

    I had no idea! Thanks for the info. Great to hear from you. – Red

  2. Back in the days I used to do stuff to myself thinking about Kelly McGillis, now she looks like Janet Reno! WTF!!!

  3. Back in the days I used to do stuff to myself thinking about Kelly McGillis, now she looks like Janet Reno! WTF!!!

    I am happy that you still have your JOB!

  4. Glad to hear that you are keeping your job. Smart move on their part! State of Michigan is making everyone take six unpaid days off. At least it is during the Spring and Summer.

  5. today when me and my hobby gay cultfriend woke up we felt so borderline we totally needed some plastic surgery. And oh boy we are not religious!

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