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Summer events around here are a changing

I can’t believe Screen on the Green is cancelled.  Check it out here.

At least there are others in the area but down on the Mall was always a treat.

My fallback is always the Comcast Film Festival at Strathmore.  The lineup looks pretty good this year:

Friday, August 14 – “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Saturday, August 15 – “The Dark Knight

Sunday, August 16 – “Kung Fu Panda

Monday, August 17 – “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Tuesday, August 18 – “Singing in the Rain

Wednesday, August 19 – “Twilight

Thursday, August 20 – “Slumdog Millionaire

Friday, August 21 – “Enchanted

One comment on “Summer events around here are a changing

  1. You could always come out to Denver before I head back to VA add we can go to Film on the Rocks. Movies and Music in our version of Nissan, carved out of stone.


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