Wanna laugh?

Chelsea Handler’s opening monologue last night (11/11/2009) had me laughing so hard that if I were older I might have peed myself:

I didn’t think anything could make me laugh harder.


I saw this scene in “The Ugly Truth”:

This movie is a keeper if for nothing else… That scene.

2 comments on “Wanna laugh?

  1. I like Wills response but dissagree with one part:
    “yet a government can now tell a religious organization what it can and can’t do….that is what is appalling.”
    As long as religious organizations are tax exempt then I would find it appaling if the govt COULDNT regulate them. Just as a number of churches lost their tax exempt status when the pastors endorsed candidates and parties from the pulpit, these regulations are to be expected for the benefit of having land and income at no cost.
    Now, if the church wants to negate it’s contract thats their option. But if they are truly concerned about the welfare of the homeless without sacrificng their beliefs, I would think they could funnel the monies they had wanted to put toward that cause through non-religious entities. The result: they continue to assist the innocent homeless and dont have to act contrarily to their morals.

  2. nice! red, wanna help me get that response placed on the correct post?! not only should i stay off this thing after 10 pm, but i shouldnt touch it before 8 am either.

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