Watchmen and the Odd Couple

Last night I took myself out to see the Watchmen movie.  Great movie and unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  I have to say Jackie Earle Haley was simply amazing! I was surprised this movie was rated R and Mini Red wanted to see it but after seeing it it had to be R. Besides some of the gore, which included some amazing special effects,  Dr. Manhattan was naked most of the time. Plus there was that one sex scene with the hot hot hot Malin Akerman, as Silk Spectre II.


I had gotten a small popcorn and a water and after picking up my napkins I headed toward the theater. This is when I noticed the most interesting couple. I would not list either in the attractive category and she was at least a foot taller than him.  They had their arms around each other and his was about at her ass level.  At first I thought this was just as far as he could reach but then I realized he was cupping her right butt cheek then he rubbed it and smacked it.  I couldn’t look away and hoped he would soon realize what he was doing and it was in public.  Just as he stopped she promptly kissed the very top of his head, because she could.

Although his hand on her ass was a bit disturbing I enjoyed seeing a couple so oddly matched but obviously so in love.  They didn’t mind that they weren’t the norm and seemed to thrive on it.

3 comments on “Watchmen and the Odd Couple

  1. Red, I must say that I am sad that you had not read the comic prior to going out and seeing the movie. I was excessively excited about this movie because I read it years ago… I must say Zach Snyder, did an excellent job of sticking to the comic… Everything in there was a scene from the comic and it was just amazing. And NO MINI-RED CANNOT SEE THIS MOVIE!. You can tell her its cause uncle Tim said no if she tries to complain. 😀

  2. we also saw watchmen over the week-end. excellent movie! we’re both quite familiar with the comics and the movie just did such an outstanding job of sticking to the story and explaining the characters. definitely deserved the R tho – – that was one hot sex scene!

  3. I haven’t seen it yet, but I want to go.

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