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Cleaning Day!

It’s a cleaning day. .. ish!

After the first full week of work after the shutdown the house has become a bit of a disaster area. While Hophead is mowing the lawn and I am cleaning out the fridge and gonna make some juice. This serves two purposes… Cleaning the fridge and to clean out some of the toxins in us.

We need to clean us out especially after being zombies yesterday.


Zombies have bad eating habits…


I prepared the veggies and fruits. Cleaning cutting and preparing the beets is making the kitchen look like a murder scene.


Now for juicing… Love my juicer and it didn’t cost hundred of dollars.


It doesn’t yield a lot of juice but what it doesn’t give me in juice goes to the compost. Our outside compost is very happy and my neighbor noticed it and asked if she could add to it. We should have some great stuff come Spring.

Any of you who have followed Life of Red for a minute might be  surprised but yes I have become very domestic and love composting, recycling and things like our energy efficient home, which we hope to add solar panels at some point. I’m geeking out.

Anyhow, Now I’m on to another detoxifying juice I found on Pinterest, Turmeric Juice. I haven’t done this one before and had a hard time finding turmeric and tamarind (thanks Harris Teeter). Peeling the turmeric was interesting but it smells good. The tamarind is like an oversized dried out pea pod with roots inside. It’s always interesting when trying a recipe, or anything, for the first time and figuring out your own way to do it. The second time is alway much easier.

Everything seems to be yellowish orange now because of the turmeric. The kitchen cleaned up well but my fingers are still colored.

Just waiting for the turmeric juice to cool down before I take my first guzzle.


Hophead and Ginga are good at appeasing me and this juice phase of mine. They usually taste it and Hophead will drink it… I think. I have to wonder if Hophead gets teased at work because I’ve sent him to work several times with weird colored drinks. I get strange looks with mine at work but I love these juices. I swear I feel much better after drinking them.

Now I just need to figure out how to get the fake blood off the walls. I guess that is a downfall of being a bloody zombie for Halloween.


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