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2013 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

2013 was a HORRIBLE year for us and we are happy to see it go.

We may not be the only ones that feel this way. Check out Momma Said | The Holiday Card No One Ever Sends.

This gave me an idea… So I sat down and listed,  by month, things that went on in 2013 and then defined them as Good, Bad or Ugly. Here is what I came up with:

Said Goodbye to Aunt Dot. She was 100 and this harder than I expected. Bad
Got ordained and Married our good friends Good
Training(ish) for Half Marathon Ugly
Colonoscopy – Results were good. Glad that is over. Ugly/Good
Ginja turns 18! Good

Caye Caulker, Belize – AWESOMENESS!!! GOOD
Training(ish) for Half Marathon Ugly
Hophead gets laid off Bad/Ugly

Best St. Paddy’s Day… Ever! Good
Shamrockfest loses its appeal for us. 2013 was our last year Bad
Running injury… Freak out Ugly
A friend loses her battle with cancer… No words… sadness. Bad

Chicago to celebrate friend’s life – Bittersweet Bad
Mountain Bike race (Baker’s Dozen). Inaugural Fookin Koontz team ride Good
Taxes nearly break us UGLY/Bad
Friends get married Good
Ginja gets her license Good/Ugly (Not really ugly just scary for me as a Mom)
Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Not a PR but I did it and really glad its over. Good/Ugly

Prom Good
DirtFest – Stayed on a houseboat with friends. Good
Ginja Graduates!!! Good

Tesla is interested in possibly hiring Hophead. Good
Another friend leaves us too soon – Pete. Bad

Tesla didn’t work out Bad
Hophead is working! Yay Good

The Crew vehicle was traded for a convertible. Wheeeeeeeeee! Good
Ginja started her First Job Good
Started more work on my sleeve (tattoo) Good
Ginja started college Good

Family fun at the Demolition Derby Good
Attempting to run and join groups… FAIL… Women can be mean Ugly

SHUTDOWN!!! Bad/Ugly
Freak out… Work on resume Good
Freak out… Get creative and do some art Good
Freak out… Visit Mom and hang with Sis and her baby Good
MoCo Epic… More epic than ever!!! Good
Halloween – We had costumes! First EVER!!! Good

TWO years married!!! Love this man!!! Good
Recovering financially from Shutdown… Still freaking out Bad/Ugly

I start a new job… Closer to home Good
Sick Ugly
Hophead continues to take classes and get certifications for his job Good
Christmas Lights Ride Good
Sick Ugly
Christmas – seeing family and watching the kids open gifts. Good
Loss of another friend – Scud Bad
Sick Ugly
New Years Eve – Houseful of old and new friends. Good

In review, here are the totals:
Good – 30
Bad – 10
Ugly – 13

Good outweighs the Bad and Ugly combined. I am still happy to see 2013 go but this exercise makes me realize that although the bad was really bad there really was a lot of good in 2013 that I had forgotten.


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