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Dork Chat

Ever since smart phones came out with the second camera on the screen, I’m sure we have all caught those people taking pictures of themselves. Now with Snap Chat it’s more prevalent than ever.

Ginja has a snap chat and is on it constantly. Even after getting her wisdom teeth out she wanted to show her friends how she could smile cute while being drugged up or in pain.

I’ve gotten a snap chat too! I send goofy pics and include friends and others when I can. I include others especially in public places because you look goofy hold the camera and posing in your own little movie studio and that’s right there in the restaurant ( or any other inappropriate public place).

Hophead usually just shakes his head and laughs at Ginja. He doesn’t have snap chat so he came up with his own version. He calls it Dork Chat (c).



One comment on “Dork Chat

  1. […] is what Hophead calls Dork Chat. He says Ginja always looks like such a dork when she does Snap […]

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