Just one more thing on the list

I have had some very tough weeks here recently.  Work has been extremely stressful as well as some other looming issues.

One of which was that MRI I mentioned last week.  I was procrastinating on that one but I got good news today and everything is cool.

Another looming issue I have been struggling with is Kima.

Gawd I love her but Minnie Red and I aren’t good for her.  The older Minnie Red gets the less we are home and the more Minnie Red has to do rather than take care of Kima.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I was home on a weekend.  I haven’t even had a Saturday to sleep in on my new mattress.

So I keep asking myself if we are doing right by Kima and my answer is always, “No, but we love her“.  That isn’t a good answer or the right answer for that matter.  It’ not like she gets in our face like a dog or cat  so it’s easy to pass her by and we can’t take her to the beach.  Plus the Lizard Sitter went out of business.  I nearly freaked out when I found that out prior to the trip to Orlando in May.  Do you realize how difficult it is to get someone to care for your lizard while you are away?  People don’t like lizards.

I have been contemplating this for quite sometime and I have put the word out to everyone I know with no luck.  The poop hit the fan the other day with Minnie Red and Kima and although I feel I have taken drastic measures it seems as if I’ve found her a good home.  These people have three Beardies already and I believe all three are rescues.

I emailed with them earlier in the day and it was all I could do to hold my emotions.  Now that I’m home I am losing it.  I can’t seem to stop crying about it and I can’t stand people who cry so I usually avoid that activity myself.

To be honest I don’t really know why I’m putting this particularly weak moment in my life out here on the internet.  Maybe you readers are my scape goat or confessional so to speak.  Maybe I’m looking for validation for failing or rather giving up.  I can’t stand quitters but sometimes you have to know when to do the right thing, right?

Maybe one day when Minnie Red and I have a house we will get a dog but it will be carefully considered and we will think back to this time before making any decisions.  I don’t know if I could go through this again.

4 comments on “Just one more thing on the list

  1. *hugs*

    Can you go visit?

    Thanks Dude! Felling better today. They are gonna send updates and pics. – Red

  2. Sounds like a good call to me. And you can go to see her from time to time, can’t you?

    They will keep us updated. They sound like good people. – Red

  3. Sometimes doing the right thing feels as good as a sucker punch to the soul. It is in these moments when doing what is right rather than that which is emotionally conveinent is a true measure of charcter. Pour yourself a drink and know that you did the right thing.

  4. She’s a beautiful lizard, and you had to do what is best for her.

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