Miko & The Printer: A Love Story

Miko & The Printer: A Love Story

  Our cat LOVES the printer! I’m not sure if other cats are like this but Miko hears the printer and she comes running. We have even used the printer to pull her out of hiding places in the past. The printer was in a place she couldn’t get to for at least a year. […]

Animals in the Little City

It was late the other night and Ginja called as I parked in the driveway in the back. We were having a fairly serious conversation when it all ended suddenly. First let me explain my driveway is off an alley that runs out back of my house. Typical Downtown Frederick house. I don’t have a […]

Weirded out… In a good way

We headed out to New Market to a dive bar for a 50th birthday party with some biker people. Great people and every time we show up more and more people remember us. Anyhow it is Val’s 50th Birthday. Happy Birthday VAL! We love you We didn’t stay too long. We knew if we did […]

Just one more thing on the list

I have had some very tough weeks here recently.  Work has been extremely stressful as well as some other looming issues. One of which was that MRI I mentioned last week.  I was procrastinating on that one but I got good news today and everything is cool. Another looming issue I have been struggling with […]