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Let’s Happy Hour

Many people have taken their week of vacation for this coming week (June 30th – July 4th).  One of those people is my boss, Imelda. Why do so many take off this week?  Because it’s Fourth of July week and they only have to take four days of vacation rather than five.  Then there are […]

UPDATED: I’ll take another Bucket and fill it with Orange Crush please!

UPDATED: ** Last weekend Shortie came with me down to the O.C. I feared Shortie would be disappointed since we would be hitting happy hour and I would probably be asleep by 9 or 10pm. My weekends consist of having a few drinks, sleep, get up early walk the boards, sleep, beach time, sleep, happy […]

It’s important to understand the nothing box

With my last boyfriend there are times we would be hanging out or at dinner and I would look up at him and he would have this very serious look on his face. This happened quite often and I avoided asking that typical chick question “Whatcha thinking?” So I would smile and stare back. Then […]

Check out my hot ride

This is my boss’s new ride… Well, it’s her husbands. Yesterday Mrs. Chickie was driving this loaner car: Today I have a loaner car and I’m not happy about it.  They said it was all they had but I’ve heard that before but that time they gave me a Miata.  Today I got this: I […]

I’m about to lose THOUSANDS of hours

And now… So will YOU! Check this out: Shining (Romantic Comedy) Evidently, this trailer started it all.  “The trailer that started it all. Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror film starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall becomes a feel-good movie about a writer struggling to find his muse and a boy lonely for a father. ” For […]

Boobs of Life?

Someone found my blog by searching on “boobs of life“.  That cracks me up.  I haven’t seen one that good since someone googled “red pubic hair“.  And by-the-way when they googled red pubic hair they got “The Head is growing Pubes“.  I guess that doesn’t sound too good either, huh? This past weekend was fun […]

How Green is your Plastic?

The topic of bottled water has come up quite often in discussion with friends.  I caught a news report on this some months ago and have made a concerted effort not to use bottled water.  I have been using my own bottles and tap water.  So much money has been put into cleaning our tap […]

Beach Season in the OC may now begin

It’s my first trip to the beach of the 2008 Summer Beach Season. I’m a little later in the season than usual but “Better late than never“, I say. Minnie Red* and I rode down with The Folks to save on gas… At least I saved on gas cause Dad paid for it. We arrived just […]

The newest wedding reception tradition

I was reminded, recently, of the most unusual event I’ve ever seen at a wedding. Fortunately, I was able to capture it.  This was at least five years ago and my camera was the first digital camera I ever had.  It by no means has the capablities of the digital cameras today, but it got the […]

It’ll give you chills

I just read the most touching post by Throwing Hammers.  He has recently experienced a loss that has hurt him deeply and expressed himself so eloquently and completes it with a message I seem to keep seeing recently. I mention this and give you the link for several reasons: Say a prayer (or whatever you […]