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Home again home again jiggity jig

I am back from Atlanta.

The trip was a success.  Work went well enough and I saw old friends, one of which I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. Seems he remembers me as a 4 year old following him around and sneezing on him.  I didn’t sneeze on him this time. 

Work went so well that we headed to the airport (9 hours early) in hopes of getting on an earlier flight. Luckily, there seems to be a flight from Atlanta to DC every hour so it was easy to get things changed… For a small fee. It’s interesting how so many people are in a rush and this girl behind me kept pushing to get up to security and we weren’t walking fast enough for her. As we got closer a TSA agent was herding people evenly into lines and yelling out that there were three lines. As I came upon him I smiled, and half jokingly, said please direct me to the shortest line.

He said, “You want the shortest line? Follow me

He took us in the opposite direction of everyone else and directed us to a corridor. I could feel everyone’s eyes watching us. I looked at him and said, “Really?”

He said, “Have I ever lied to you?”

I just shot him a funny little smile as I walked in the direction he sent us.

He said, “Those who cannot trust cannot be trusted.”

Ok… Good point! So I went and you know what I found? It was completely empty!

Now this is where I learned a valuable lesson. I should have moved up immediately because this old couple walked around and stepped in front of me as I was taking my shoes off and my laptop out and held up the entire line as TSA had to get them to take off their shoes, belt, jacket and so forth. The wife was carrying 24 oz of body oil in her bag and couldn’t understand why her purse wasn’t coming out on the conveyor belt. It became a cluster fuck and I paid for it because I didn’t move up.  Oh well we still made it through before the girl who was rushing to get through security back in the long line.

Google Boy and I were waiting to board tha plane and this chick sat near us. She would snif very hard and you could hear the mucus roll around in her head before she swallowed. It was making me naush. I mention to Google Boy that with my luck she would be sitting right next to me on the plane.

I also noticed quite a few young’uns wearing hats that said DCFD. I wonder if they had some sort of convention but ALL of them looked very young.

I happened to be one of the first people on the plane and settled myself in and started reading. I noticed snot girl coming down the isle and started praying. Thankfully, she walked right past me. Next came the firefighters and quite a few moved to the back to sit together but a few stragglers were in other areas and I think it must have been the tallest one that sat next to me.

I couldn’t help it and asked if they had some sort of convention but they had just come from a week of training in Alabama. Seems they aren’t full fledged official firefighters yet and have been going through a lot of training. Being they are firefighters in the Nations Capital there is some specialized training they need that other firefighters don’t have to go through. Tall boy told me they had about twenty of them on that flight and I got the impression there were more meaning DCFD is in the midst of gettin quite an  influx of new firefighters. 

As we sat on the runway waiting for our turn to take off… Delayed because of rain… I was looking ahead in the plane and all these firefighters. I could help but think, if it were inevitable that I would one day be on a plane that went down and I had my choice I would want it to be this flight. Because with so many firefighters they are all prepared for way more than anyone else. I surely would be saved.

Then again I overheard how hard they trained and how hard they partied so they may not have been at their best in a disaster situation, eh?

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