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Coveting at the Convent

Mini Red and I were off to Scranton this past weekend to visit Aunt Dot. This year has been so crazy that we were unable to visit in the Spring so this was our first trip of the year. It’s not easy to go on these visits. The drive is long but beautiful and we […]

Pink Hair for Hope

Have I ever told you about my hairdresser, Kim? No? This chick is freaking awesome. Finding her was a fluke years ago and now Mini Red goes to her as well as Squirrley Gurl and Mrs. M to name a few. My Mom has even gone to her on occasion.  She has taken me to […]

My two cents…

Kanye “Fuck Nuts” West needs to be banned and boycotted. He apologized for a third time on the Jay Leno Show stating that it’s due to not taking time off especially after his mother’s death. I say, “Bull shit!” Excuses, excuses… He has done this time and time again and he will do it yet […]

The Kensington Labor Day Parade

If you’ve been to Kensington’s Labor Day Parade before then you have a predefined area to sit along with your family and friends.  You also know to bring a bag for the candy that gets thrown at you and a trash bag for the political handouts as well as the candy wrappers. The parade always […]

Do you know The Mower Man?

Do you know The Mower Man, The Mower Man, The Mower Man, Do you know The Mower Man, He services Montgomery, Howard and PG Counties Lawn Mowers? Yes I know The Mower Man, The Mower Man, The Mower Man, Yes I know The Mower Man, He came to my home and made my lawn mower […]