I’m in Atlanta this week for work so Mini Red is staying with Memaw and Pawpaw. 

Have I mentioned my Mother is a saint? Mini Red had to be picked up on Tuesday and Friday late from school after her Crew practice and Thursday is violin lessons, we cancelled piano due to her over booked schedule here recently. Plus there is Family Dinner Night on Wednesdays and Mom took Mini Red for a physical today to meet Crew requirements. Plus I wanted her to get the flu shot along with the H1N1 shot if possible.

Now on top of that Mom works part time for Dad and she has classes that she is in and Sis and Viper are leaving for their Honeymoon on Thursday… Finally!

So I was sad I wasn’t there for Mini Red‘s appointment today but she told me she got both shots… Phew! Evidently, the doc asked some personal questions but first asked if Mini Red wanted Grandma to leave the room. Mini Red said “I don’t have anything to hide“.

He then asked her if she was sexually active, if she drank alcohol or smoked.

Mini Red said, ” Well… Mom and I have talked about this and I’m not planning on having sex before college. Both my parents used to smoke and I bugged them to quit for such a long time that I will never start. Lastly, both sides of my family have a bad history with alcohol so I’m too afraid to even try a drink.”

The Doc said it was refreshing to come across a teenager with scruples and he saw a good future for her.

Maybe I’m doing something right?

Tonight at Family Dinner Night Dad asked Mini Red if she got the H1N1 mist or the shot.  Her Facebook status reads like this: My grandpa asked me “Mini Red did u get the shot or the mist?” im like “mist?……..theres a mist OMG IVE BEEN SKREWED”.

OMG I can’t stop laughing.

3 comments on “H1N1

  1. I love Mini Red!! … you’ve done good, mom ;). And, u r a little too funny – 2 peas in an odd pod

  2. It would seem you’ve done a great job. The dr is right – it is refreshing. I wonder if the news/media makes this – mini red’s statements to beliefs and choices- seem to be more than an exception than the rule. I want to believe it to be the latter.
    Give yourself a pat on the back and your daughter an extra hug when you get back.

  3. OMG, the mist is SOOO much worse than the shot! not only does it get sprayed up your nose, but then it drips down the back of your throat for the rest of the day. take it from me, the shot is better — and I HATE HATE HATE needles.

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